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Gravedigger's Diary

There he lay... unconcious. Who was he? What was he doing in the middle of nowhere? Was he dead? Millions of questions flooded my mind. It was almost dawn. The night leaving its chill in the wake of the dark. Usually my graveyard duty is in the afternoons but that day I was taking over Liam's shift.

Most of the ancestors leave behind jewels, big ass houses, money. Ours left us a graveyard. That is not even metaphorical. Literally a thousand acres of land containing bones and dead remains from over hundred years. It's a famous graveyard. The biggest in the country. Tourists visiting New Orleans always visit this dead place. There is something so alive about death. It just never stop coming for you.

I looked at the unconcious boy again. Slowly, I walked towards his supposedly dead body. I swallowed my fear. Dead or not that boy was a trespasser. Visiting graveyard can be dangerous after hours for obvious reasons. I reached out to touch his neck. My hands searched for some strain of life in him.


There was nothing but an ice cold body laying sideways in front of me with dried out blood on his clothes. Must have been dead for hours. I looked at his face. He had a perfectly crafted face with black curls falling over his eyes. I wandered what his smile would have looked like. What he must have sounded like? I love the sound of people's voices. I sat there looking at the dead boy and thinking who could have killed him?

The sky looked ready to burst out the first light. I looked at his lifeless face for the last time before I have to bury him. In just moments, his body caught fire.

I glided back, away from the flames feeding on his body. I looked around to see who lit the flame. There was no one!

My heartbeats thundered in my ears. Home was fifteen minutes run from there. There was no way I could get help in time. I gazed at the dead handsome boy being burned to ashes in front of me. I am not much of an emotional girl but in that moment my heart felt ready to burst open with pain of loosing someone I did not even know.

He was gone. The ashes of once strikingly gorgeous boy were in front of me. Before I could gather my scattered thoughts and breathe, I saw a movement in the ashes.

Making a safe distance from the moving ashes I saw a hand breaking through it's surface. The handsome boy with perfectly intact face sat up from the ashes. Full of life. Breathing. Dusting the ashes off of him. Staring at me.

My heart stopped, throat went dry. My feet felt frozen, unable to move let alone run away. The boy who was dead a couple of minutes ago, who I saw burn on his own, now rose back to life from his ashes.

"Hi there", he said in his smooth voice.

"Sorry you had to see that. I am always careful not to get killed too often but these hunters sometimes get the better of me."

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