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Step in

Step into my world

At your own risk.

It is so much different

Than any other worlds

Coz it's mine.

Splashes of vibrant colors

A labyrinth of dreams

A smudge of nightmares,

following fearless screams.

If you hold on to my hand

I will show you around

The sands of time

resting after an intrepid journey

with the wildest of waters.

If you still plan on staying,

Brave enough to keep holding on

Till the end, may be forever, you think

Then let's go hiking in the moonlight

Coz in the dark you see

The shiniest of stars

Let me take you

To my tunnel of wars.

Ain't pretty and too dark

For the shadows that scare me

Reside in there.

Keep holding on to me

Coz every dark tunnel has

A brighter end.

Wait for me while I fight the demons

Or maybe slay few with me.

My world is not for faint hearted

All you need is some poetry,

a sword, some love and maybe

a bottle of whiskey!

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