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The Lighthouse- Christopher Parker

None of us is any stranger to grief. When grief strikes it takes every bit of your soul till you feel utterly empty within.

This book - The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker is a beautiful and sad story of an eighteen year old girl Amy Parker who has recently lost her mother to an accident. She starts to deal with the grief in her own way by ignoring her dad, friends, and food. Her dad is a state investigator in Portland and he takes up a case to go to a small town called Seabrook on advice of his brother. A case to find a missing boy. Thinking getting away from the house in Portland might do him and his daughter some good.

As they reach the town of Seabrook, Amy is tired of feeling sad all the time. Feeling the emptiness in her heart every second of the day takes its toll on her. She wants to stop feeling for just a little while. She wants to rest and sleep without any burden of grief on her chest. Just one night’s sleep. She pops some pills from her father’s backpack to avail some sleep.

She wakes up to nearly drowning in her bathtub and being helped by a stranger. An utterly handsome stranger trying to wake her up. Although she kicks him out of her room in the spur of the moment and embarrassment but later when she comes to her senses she realizes he was only trying to help.

This stranger - Ryan Porter is a resident of Seabrook and owns a Ranch with his father. To pay for his medical bills he took a loan against the Ranch and now the bank is foreclosing on it - meaning that he had to sell the Ranch.

After a while Amy starts noticing a few stares from the people of Seabrook wherever she goes until she meets Ryan again. One day is more than enough to fall in love with a complete stranger in the beautiful and mysterious town of Seabrook. That is when the mystery of the lighthouse kicks in. An old structure standing at the shores of the pacific has a spooky story of its own and has been closed for many years. Now suddenly the light in the tower is on and pointing to Amy’s room in the hotel. Why, you ask? Well, this mystery is worth reading!


When both Ryan and Amy are visited by a weird little girl named Chloe, mysteries start to unfold in Seabrook. Soon Amy realizes she cannot find or contact her father or her uncle and she can barely trust anyone in this spooky little town. As a storm and weirdness takes over the town, Amy is led to the lighthouse to figure out what is happening.

That’s where the story gets really really INTERESTING! The lighthouse brings back to her everything she has ever wanted. Her Mother. But there is not much time. Amy must fix Seabrook soon otherwise it will be too late for Ryan and herself.

Want to know who Chloe is? What did Ryan do? How can Amy see and touch her dead mother? Where did Amy’s father go? What happens to Seabrook? What is the story behind the spooky lighthouse?

Seabrook is not what it seems and Amy Parker has to discover it on her own and soon before it is too late for her!

Order this book from amazon and add it to your goodreads list! Read it for yourself.

This book will bring you so many emotions. It made me smile, made me cry, made my heart ache and made me believe that in the end things fall to where they belong.

So many elements in this story were so beautiful. So many side stories that came within this story and stole my heart. It is so hard to believe that this is the first book ever written by the author. It is so perfectly crafted. The emotions are so well articulated. This story restores my faith in - ‘Death is not the end of true love

It is a perfect blend of love, spooky, grief, life, and so much more. It was so easy to connect with the characters - all of them. The magical realism is so flawlessly executed. I would not change a thing about this beautiful story!

Thank you netgalley for providing the advanced reader’s copy of this beautiful story.

#JourneyToSeabrook #Netgalley

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