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The Nameless Necromancer

The tune split through his ears like a war sword. He quickly covered his ears against the god forsaken tunes someone was playing on the violin.

“Damn, is someone trying to beat the violin to death” Lucas thought as he got up on his feet. Still dangling half asleep and half drunk, barely managing to stand on his two feet. The empty bottle of bourbon rattled against his feet and striked the tombstone.

‘Mathew Hank - A loving son and a best friend’

Lucas has been spending all his evenings at Mat’s grave since he died in the accident. Usually he has a drink by his side and leaves before the sun goes down but he sure had a little too much to drink tonight. The starless sky was swollen with darkness. The air had a hint of the murky graveyard smell.

Lucas quickly peeked at his watch, it was 12 am. He must have fallen asleep over the grave. The tune started again. More relentless this time. The notes were touching the high and apparently decided to just stay there. Lucas decided if he saw the violin player, he is going to beat him with that violin. In all his rage he started to walk towards the sounds of music from hell.

There he was. Sitting on one of the tombstones, cross legged. A dirty hat on his head and a tailcoat touching the ground. ‘Who wears tailcoats these days’, Lucas thought. He pressed his hands more tightly against his ears and started moving towards the man with the violin.

“Excuse me!” Lucas shouted over the unbridled tunes of the violin. The man sat undisturbed, absolutely engrossed in his tunes.

“Excuse me, sir”, Lucas shouted again but to no response.

Finally upon reaching him, Lucas looked at the man with the violin who seemed to enjoy the death notes on the instrument. With his eyes closed, his face was shining against the darkness of the cemetery. His brown curls were moving along the highs and lows of the tune.

‘Must be deaf’, thought Lucas before placing his hand on his shoulder and shaking him to his senses.

A pair of blue eyes split open with nothing but disappointment of not being able to finish his tune.

Are you trying to kill the already dead with your music?”, Lucas asked without even a hint of politeness.

The man with the violin smiled and said, “On the contrary, I am trying to raise the dead. I hope you enjoyed the music. Welcome to the veil, Lucas.”

How do you know my name? What is veil?” Lucas took a step back. Something was not right.

The man gave him a sly smile and ran a hand through his curls.

Veil is the other side of the living world. The land of the dead. The undead. The hell… Blah blah blah. So many names.” his voice peaked as if he was talking about something interesting. His eyes widened as if selling the idea of a million dollar suite or a lucrative job offer.

I don’t understand” Lucas wanted to run away. Go back home. But he could not. Something in him urged him to stay.

What’s so hard here? You crashed against a bus… Bammm! Then Poof… you died! Let me put it this way boy,” the man’s voice picked pace.

You got into an accident, you died and now you are undead again. Thanks to me and my music of life” he proudly flashed his violin.

Now you were supposed to go to the otherworld but you see I am stealing the dead away from Lucifer. Long family drama… You are the 11th recruit of ‘The Necromancer’s Army’” he gave a loud laugh that was supposed to be scary but it wasn’t.

I don’t understand. I cannot be dead” murmured Lucas. Not able to fathom his words.

The necromancer cringed his nose.

“Are you dumb boy? I said you are undead. Not dead.” The Necromancer rolled his eyes.

So you mean I am not dead? I can go home?

Humans are really dumb.” The necromancer picked up Lucas by his neck. His nails tore through the soft skin of Lucas’s neck.

“I will explain this one last time” the necromancer said impatiently but sternly.

Lucas fought for his breath, his legs flailing in the air in search of solid ground.

Lucas Kai, you are dead but since I raised you from the dead, you belong to me and my army which I am building to reclaim my throne back from Lucifer. No, you cannot go home or anywhere other than where I tell you to go. I raised you, I can put you back in that muddy grave of yours. Got it? I gave you another life and you have to pay the price” Necromancer’s blue eyes widened with each word he said. Lucas bobbed his head and the Necromancer put him down.

May I at least know your name?” asked Lucas shivering.

I do not have one,” he replied and started walking.

Out of no control of his own, Lucas started following him.

The Necromancer started singing -

To pay the price, you play a game

Fetch the treasure from eternal flame

Bring back the missing heart to reclaim

The lost shadows of Drisdane

And as he draws his first breath

Ask him the mancer’s name...

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